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Insitec: Empowering the Women of Mozambique, By Celso Correia

February 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Celso Correia is the founder and chairman of Insitec, which on July 12, 2012, partnered with Fórum Mulher to present a national symposium to consider women’s rights, gender equality, and the inclusion and exclusion of women in Mozambique’s economy.

Correia addressed the day-long gathering of business people, academics, and political and social agents, who discussed the ways in which women, who make up 52 percent of Mozambique’s population, are excluded from participating in the economic and political life of the country, and strategized about solutions for improving the situation.

Fórum Mulher, a network of women’s associations and organizations, institutions, and donors, was founded in 1994 to coordinate activities related to promoting equality, justice, and power for the women of Mozambique.

Insitec’s participation in the symposium illustrates the company’s commitment to help Mozambique rise to a position of greater importance and influence in the world and to empower the country’s people and assist them in achieving their goals.


Celso Correia, Insitec, and Mozambique’s Future

February 17, 2013 Leave a comment

Celso Correia is the founder and chairman of Insitec, a conglomerate that has become one of the largest in Mozambique, with holdings in finance, energy, real estate, and construction. Mr. Correia returned to his homeland after studying business administration and management in South Africa, and has guided Insitec’s rise to increasing prominence beyond Mozambique.

Insitec Constrói is the division of the company responsible for its interests in construction, cement, and concrete, and handles the maintenance as well as the construction of infrastructure. Insitec greatly increased its size and capabilities in these fields with the recent acquisition of the CINAC cement factory and CETA, the largest construction company in Mozambique. With the purchase of CETA, Insitec gained CETA’s vast fleet of construction machinery and vehicles and 2500 new employees, equipping itself to handle many planned ambitious infrastructure projects, including the construction and operation of the Mphanda Nkuwa hydroelectric plant and its partnership with the German company GigaMethanol BV to build and operate a methanol plant in Mozambique that will be the biggest and most efficient in the world, projected to produce 15% of the world’s annual output of methanol.

Insitec invests not only in businesses, but in Mozambique’s people and future. The slogans “The Future is Now” and “Insitec: Helping to Create the Future Mozambicans Dream Of” illustrate its commitment to bringing development and technology that will benefit regions and individuals as well as the nation’s economy.

Celso Correia lives in Mozambique’s capital, Maputo. He is a member of the National Council of Entrepreneurs and sits on the board of Cimentos de Moçambique. He is a married father of two daughters and enjoys football and reading.